Lakme Chroma 8/00 Light Blonde OF5 High Performance Hair Color 2.1 Ounce 60 Milliliters

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Lakme Chroma 8/00 Light Blonde 2.1oz High performance, ammonia-free permanent hair coloring. Chroma is gentle on hair while providing pure shine and vibrant color. Conditioning effect. Maximum comfort and softness. 100% gray coverage. Increased resistance to washing. PPD-free. Designed using OF5 technology, Chroma delays the oxidation of dyes, thus enhancing vibrant and lasting color. The OF5 molecule is an active ingredient that is 100% compatible with hair to ensure total respect for hair fiber and maximum softness. To make the experience more enjoyable, Chroma has been reformulated and is now softly perfumed with green floral notes of anis and lily of the valley.