Clairol Professional Miss Clairol 64R/4RV Light Red Violet Brown Conditioning Permanent Color 2 Ounce 60 Milliliters

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Clairol Professional MISS CLAIROL Conditioning Permanent Color 2oz (64R/4RV) Red Oak Miss Clairol Hair Color comes in two types Regular and Creme Formula. Both types give the same result and are applied in the same way. Creme Formula becomes a creme when it is mixed with the developer and stirred. Regular Miss Clairol Hair Color remains a liquid and is great for bottle application. Use whichever you prefer. Mix 1 bottle (2 oz.) Miss Clairol with equal parts (2oz) of Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer in plastic applicator or glass or plastic dish. The maximum processing time for Miss Clairol is 45 minutes.