Paul Mitchell PM Shines 9A Shooting Star Demi-Permanent Translucent Hydrating Color 2 Ounce 60 Milliliters

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Paul Mitchell PM Shines Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2oz (9A) Shooting Star Translucent hydrating deposit only ammonia-free demi-permanent hair color. The line consists of 27 inter-mixable colors and a Clear Shine which can be mixed with the total color palette to create a multitude of colors. Exclusive Intense Hydrating Complex (IHC) that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to intensely hydrate and help replenish amino acids lost during the coloring process. True to tone long-lasting healthy-looking hair color with exceptional shine and condition. PM SHINES should be mixed with a designated Processing Liquid that provides precise tone and deposit. PM SHINESl lasts up to 4-6 weeks and will fade on tone. UV absorbers help reduce environmental damage and keep color from fading. CLEAN FRAGRANCE offers a pleasant hair coloring experience.