Kemon Performance High Definition 6/0 Dark Blonde 2.8 Ounce 80 Milliliters

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Kemon Performance High Definition 6/0 Dark Blonde Dark Blonde Performance HD is a PPD-free oxidation hair dye with high-definition tones and extraordinary cosmetic and silkening qualities. Ensures a perfectly uniform color and, by improving the light-refraction properties of hair, gives high-definition tones: intense, brilliant, long-lasting in 98 shades. The high-definition coloring particles easily penetrate the hair scales and adhere perfectly to the structure. The color is firmly trapped, ensuring an intense, stable, and especially durable tone.ELI Complex with a base of Helichrysum oily extract protects the hair structure from the base to the ends for a perfect and uniform deposit of color, making the hair easier to comb and giving it a soft and silky appearance